HashTag Chai Cafe

HashtagChai Cafe

About us

Idea and Concept

There are a lot of branded coffee shops in Pakistan but normally you don’t see many good Chai Cafes.
The idea is to present the best tea to our customers.


“HashtagChai wants to become one of the leading brand on the global horizon specializing in Chai and
related products”


“ To rejuvenate minds with the magic of tea – creating small moments of happiness”

Chai at #Chai

We at Hashtagchaicafe serve multiple flavours of Chai (Adrak, Elachi, Zafrani, Milky, Chocolate etc) Kahwas
(Peshawari, Arabic and Herbal) And Hugh range of Green Tea (Imported Sri Lankan Green tea : Lime punch,
Go-Green, Simple Treat, Good Morning, Mr Grey, Sweet Dreams, Sun Kiss, Midnight Rendezvous and
Candy Crush).

In food we have complete menu also

Thai, Continental, Italian, fast food, desserts and English Breakfast.

Hashtagchai, the best chai cafe restaurant in the heart of Pakistan, serving fresh & delicious food with a friendly & desirable environment with fresh scrumptious desserts, special breakfasts, hot soups, Snacks & much more.

HasgTag chai


Molten lava


Special Desserts

Top dessert options

  • Brownies
  • Bread pudding
  • Molten lava
  • Cookie dough

Burgers & Sandwiches

Juicy burgers customized to match local taste buds. Beef or Chicken with a large variety of interesting sauces.

Open face Sandwich